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Fall 2017—Workshop #2: Uptown Field Trip

City Open Workshop convened in Uptown on October 7th for a tour of the neighborhood to better understand the area and look for design-based project opportunities. We started at Bridgeview Bank, looked at the Broadway Street redevelopment and Uptown Theater. We then continued down Lawrence Avenue to think about improvements on the street and then the changing retail and demographics of Clark Street. Dennis Mondero, Executive Director of Chinese Mutual Aid Association, joined us and spoke about balancing development, displacement and the role of intensive public services and social programs in Uptown have shaped the environment. We looked at the Wilson Red Line redevelopment, Lincoln Park on the lake, and ended at Argyle Street. Gabe Lyon, Vice President of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, met us at Hai Yen restaurant and talked about her graphic novel, No Small Plans.

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