Fall 2019 – Workshop #2: ADUs Design Guides

The 2nd workshop of this Fall was led by James Young and Mark Pomarico (both from Booth Hansen) who have been active participants in technical studies and advocacy work related to ADUs ordinance during the past year. This workshop focused on their research related to ADUs Design Guides. **** We are still working on this post – in the meantime, you can find the workshop notes in this link - starting on page 3. You can also find their presentation slides in this link.

Fall 2019 – Workshop #1: Kick off + Coalition Building

We kicked off our Spring season learning from Diane Limas, Maria Elena Sifuentes, Charisma Thapa from Communities United, Mary Rosenberg from Access Living, and Rachel Arfa from Equip for Equality, and discussed aspects of inclusion and disability in relationship to access to affordable housing. Additionally, discussed strategies for coalition building and power mapping for policy change advocacy. During Season 6 (Spring 2019) we dedicated our workshop series to build knowledge and capacities into understanding Accessory Dwelling Units (see ADUs Primer) – from policy, design, education, funding and advocacy perspectives. During this season, we are focused on developing a critical framing aro

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