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How could we create a space to build art and celebrate community in Englewood? 


In Spring 2019, City Open Workshop is collaborating with Chicago artist Tonika Lewis Johnson to develop the concept for an accessible art and event space in the Englewood Community. Currently, Englewood residents lack access to arts education and studio spaces, and people often travel far outside of the community to host events, like baby showers or birthday parties.


A need clearly exists: Englewood is home to amazing artists, including the eleven members of the Englewood Arts Collective, who do not have a site to practice and build art together. The very few public event spaces like the Ogden Park District Fieldhouse and the 63rd Street Whole Foods Community Room are in high-demand for events. Tonika’s inspiring vision is to have a building that is a true community asset where people of all ages can learn, show and appreciate local art and host joyous events for their friends and family.


The task of this City Open Workshop team is to:

  • Research the economic viability of this multi-purpose space, including understanding capital costs for construction or rehab, operating expenses and income sources.

  • Develop a compelling vision document/deck (with architectural renderings) to drive interest and investment in this project.

We welcome new team members with skills and expertise including:

  • Business development and finance

  • Community economic development and real estate

  • Graphic design and marketing 

Interested in joining this team? Email:

Spring 2019


Skyler Larrimore

Allison Kappeyne

Anne Ball


Tonika Johnson

Englewood Arts Collective

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