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How might we adapt our planning processes to be both safe and engaging in the time of social distancing?

We are excited to collaborate with the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) team and supporting the Corridor Development Initiative (CDI) in Rogers Park. MPC team has worked in multiple communities in the City using the CDI methodology: WoodlawnUptownLogan SquareAuroraHyde ParkLogan Square and North Lawndale.

The study site in Rogers Park that we are looking at is located on Howard Street and Ashland Avenue – it is currently home to the Hello Howard Garden. MPC in collaboration with Alderwoman Maria Hadden are engaging the community to envision what are possibilities for the future of this site. 


Corridor Development Initiatives generally convene three community meetings to engage residents and stakeholders in planning exercises – the idea is to create development scenarios that can be assesses, compared and contrasted with design and financial information. Due to COVID safety measures, community meetings 1 and 3 are being held virtually. City Open team is supporting with the block exercise (community meeting #2) for which we are designing a combination of in-person, virtual and DIY toolkit to engage the Rogers Park community to express their priorities and create different development scenarios. 

More about this project:

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IMAGE: Aerial image / Hello Howard Garden (Rogers Park)

Fall 2020

Workshop Participants:

Maddie Clark

Jaya Eyzaguirre

Allison Kappeyne

Mark Lawrence

Kristen Davis

Joe Procunier

Lisa DiChiera

Brett Weidl

Paola Villegas

Marina Berrones

Pasan Perera

Rae Perez

Christina Pfitzinger

Boris Schewarzenbach

J Smyk

Juan Luna Nunez

Emma Cuciurean-Zapan

Nate Seeskin

Angel Valtierra

Doug Bright

Elle Ramel

Annie Ball

Anthena Gore

Lis Battle

Alvyn Walker

Cassandra Rice

Genevieve Wasser

James Young

Maria Muñoz

Debbie Liu

Partner Organizations:

Metropolitan Planning Council

Kendra Freeman, Debbie Liu, Jordan Bailly

49th Ward

Torrence Gardner

Workshop #6_2020-11-11 (4).jpg
Workshop #6_2020-11-11 (3).jpg

Remote DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

For those engaging remotely, see below the steps and prompts to:

1. What would you like to see developed on Howard Street and why?


REVIEW these project references and reflect on which of these would you like to see developed on Howard Street and why?​ ​

2. What types of uses and spaces you would like to prioritize for Hello Howard Garden project site?


EXPLORE these images and help us to understand your preferences for housing, community amenities, economic activities, and open space.

3. How would you shape the future development of this site?


BUILD a project using your base map and building blocks – each block has a color related to corresponding use. 


FALL 2020

Click on the links below to see blog posts about the different sessions.

Workshop #1 (September 2): 

What is a Corridor Development Initiative?

Neighborhood Walk (September 5): 

Getting to Know Rogers Park

Workshop #2 (September 16): 

Community Design + Facilitation

Workshop #3 (September 30): 

Civic Engagement Prototyping

Workshop #4 (October 14): 

Active Listening in Community Planning Process

Workshop #5 (October 28): 

Input Analysis + Documentation

Workshop #6 (November 11): 

Future Thinking on Engagement Strategies

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