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Spring 2017


Paula Robinson (President, BCDP)

Elle Ramel

Emma Cuciurean-Zapan

Basia Brown

Eleanor Sheers

Greg Morse

Kim Mughal


Bruce MontgomeryHarold Lucas

Ladipo Famodu

Roman Kuropas



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PDF (June 5, 2017)

The Urban Innovation Center is a project led by the Bronzeville Community Development Partnership to create new center for technology, transportation and tourism. The Bronzeville community is rapidly changing with developments at McCormick Place, nearby South Loop and the Michael Reese Site, and BCDP's work is focused on developing Bronzeville as a Sustainable International Heritage Tourism Destination.


Based on BCDP's vision and roadmap, City Open team worked to scope a center as a resource both for the local communities to gather and businesses to start, develop and grow. While learning and capturing the history and heritage elements of Bronzeville in the different designs items, the team worked to identify potential sites in the neighborhood as well as nearby community assets. This team had a mix of architects, urban planners, historians, finance and real estate professionals who discussed program mixes, insights on design elements, architectural programs, and model real estate and project cost scenarios.

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