Spring 2019 – Workshop #2: Tracking the Elusive ADU

On Wednesday 2/27, City Open convened once again at The Great Cities Institute at UIC. This week, we turned to a new technique – how to use data to count Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Specifically, we sought to answer the following two questions: How many ADUs are there? And how can we estimate the number of new ADUs that could be built if they are re-legalized? Season Theme: Accessory Dwelling Units Workshop Method: Using Data to Count ADUs In the first part of the workshop, Steven Vance presented his counting technique for finding Chicago ADUs with the reminder that “what’s counted matters.” The urgency to understand ADU numbers comes from the 5 year housing plan adopted in November 201

Spring 2019 – Workshop #1: How (Not?) to Run a Community Meeting

City Open’s spring 2019 season kicked off on Wednesday 2/20 at our new location: The Great Cities Institute at UIC. We also kicked off a new seasonal format which will focus on building internal capacity in order to serve as a resource for the city on one overarching theme. The theme for this season is: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Each workshop will then focus on learning the technique and frameworks of one method so that it can be applied to the theme. Season Theme: Accessory Dwelling Units Workshop Method: Community Meeting Photos by Gabriel X. Michael (@_GXM) We started off with a primer by Steven Vance on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as they exist in Chicago. ADUs reference a var

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