Fall 2018 — Workshop #2 > An Introduction to Co-operative Workplaces

Troy Pieper, a past participant in City Open’s Large Lots/Vacant Land task force, presented on cooperative business models—also called co-ops. Troy took an interest in co-ops after jumping ship from the corporate sector and landed at a bicycle repair shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota some years back. While working at the co-op, Troy learned about the benefits and struggles of working within a business model that is defined by employee ownership. Unlike most businesses in America, co-ops are both owned and operated by employees; the company is not controlled by conventional shareholders. According to Pieper, this allowed for shared control over major business decisions regarding how the company

Fall 2018 — Workshop #1 Season Kick-Off > Process Makes Permanent

SEASON OPENER SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY 4TH FLOOR AT BAT: MONICA CHADHA, AIA ON DECK (SEPTEMBER 23): TROY PIEPER Kicking off the fall 2018 session City Open was Monica Chadha, AIA, founder of Civic Projects. In the architecture community, Chadha is known for her powerful community engagement work, and her firm’s ability to transform community engagement projects into best practices that can transcend professions. From architecture to urban planning, journalism to nonprofit and arts administration, her practices are rooted in a unique process. Chadha began by providing a “timeline” of engagement initiatives, noting that much of her work has begun with asking questions. She spoke

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