Fall 2019 – Workshop #6: Equitable Development + ADUs

The 6th workshop of our fall season was kicked off by Kendra Freeman of the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) on the topic of Equitable Development. Growing up in Cottage Grove Heights in the East Side part of Chicago, Kendra developed a passion for advocating for social equity through research, technical assistance and for the love of all neighborhoods of Chicago. She then went on to receive multiple degrees from DePaul University in Sociology and Public Administration and began her career in improving affordable housing, their people and their communities. Kendra shared photos of Cabrini Green today and of the past, and reflected how Chicago's understanding of equitable housing has chang

Fall 2019 – Workshop #5: Planning a (Good) Community Meeting

On November 6th, City Open Workshop welcomed Gaylord Minett, urban planner and community organizer who has experience in stakeholder facilitation and human-centered design from his work at the Greater Chatham Initiative and Rebuild Foundation. Gaylord presented on what makes a good community meeting. He started the group out with an icebreaker focused on each person at City Open Workshop taking an M&M that was a different color. Each person had to share a fact about themselves related to that color- for example, blue was what superhero would you be, red was your favorite Chicago food. He explained that all meeting formats can start with an activity like that, where its more about the people

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