Spring 2019 – Workshop #4: Creating for Communities

During our last workshop on 3/27, we convened at The Great Cities Institute at UIC to explore how different methods of people-centered design thinking can help empower neighborhoods. The workshop focused on how to engage community members and stakeholders as well as utilize different design frameworks, such as empathy mapping. It was led by Max Davis (3D Modeling and Digital Fabrication), Bob Corporaal (User Experience Design and Strategy), and Jonathan Fair (Campus Architecture at UIC). Season Theme: Accessory Dwelling Units Workshop Method: People-Centered Design Thinking Photos by Lindsey Conklin Max, Jonathan, and Bob (L to R) each presented elements of design thinking that they utilize

Spring 2019 – Workshop #3: The Grassroots Art of Zine Making

On Wednesday 3/13, we gathered at The Great Cities Institute at UIC to learn about the grassroots art of zine (pron: 'zeen') making which enables information sharing in an affordable way. Vitaly Vladimirov led us through a workshop where we rolled up our sleeves, uncorked the glue sticks, and destroyed a stack of magazines all in the name of advocating for ADUs in Chicagoland. [Fun fact: there is a legit zine scene in Chicago.] Season Theme: Accessory Dwelling Units Workshop Method: Zines as a DYI Resource to Share Information Photos by Lindsey Conklin Vitality Vladimirov is an urban planner who began making zines as a way to get people to remember what he taught on his walking tours. He did

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