Fall 2018 – Season Finale > Community Conversation about the Kehrein Center for the Arts

During our season finale, City Open team had the opportunity to present the engagement process and programming research developed for the Kehrein Center for the Arts to members of Catalyst Circle Rock – the partnership between Catalyst Schools, Circle Urban Ministries and Rock of our Salvation Church in the Austin community of Chicago with a campus at Central Avenue and Washington Street. I had the great fortune of meeting Elle Ramel at a high level exclusive entrepreneur networking breakfast. After sharing with Elle my enthusiasm for the Kehrein Center for the Arts project which was under construction, she shared with me her organization City Open Workshop that she co-founded with Paola Ag

Fall 2018 — Workshop #7 > Mapping Overlooked Community Assets

Andres Alvear and Janaya Crevier from MAPSCorps said that 20 and 30% of community assets are not included in data sets available when you purchase them. They are invisible. Founded by Dr. Stacey Lindau (University of Chicago) in 2009, started as query of what community research is available to people in communities. When discovering that many, many assets where overlooked in standard data sets for purchase, MAPCorps focused on gathering that missing, invisible data – moreover, it employed youth to take on that task. After becoming a non-profit in 2016, this year (2018) released its first Community Asset Report – explore in MAPCorps website. More notes from our workshop here.

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