Fall 2018 — Workshop #4 > Reimagining Local News

“We believe the crisis in journalism is an unprecedented opportunity to make more democratic media” was one of the opening slides from Andrea Hart and Harry Backlund, two of the four co-founders of City Bureau – a civic journalism organization based in the Southside, our guest speakers on October 22. We are often curious about how other organizations are looking at meaningful and different ways of engaging communities while doing their work — new tools, new methods, new forms of collaboration and gathering. City Bureau has a super interesting story, one where their work is centered in a collective approach, and an approach that Andrea emphasizes as the “anti-hero”. City Bureau was founded in

Fall 2018 — Workshop #3 > Making Decisions with Visual Data

Bo Rodda’s diverse background, experience and training in visual arts, industrial design and data analytics has given him unique collaboration opportunities – “we can’t make good decisions if we can’t see data – and we need all the people making decisions to see it as well." During our workshop #3, Bo shared multiple collaborative projects in Chicago both with research and educational institutions – from his work with Argonne National Laboratory exploring how might we make data centers more efficient by understand the heat effect of data centers in the built environment, to the provocative maps produced by the collaboration between SAIC (arts) and Northwestern University (science) students

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