Spring 2018 – Workshop #3: Collaboration, Perception & Access to Capital

Morgan Malone, Project Manager at Teamwork Englewood visited us and shared her work related to Quality-of-Life Plan 2016 – Englewood Rising. It was highly inspiring to hear about the groundwork and efforts spearheaded in the Southside, and the role of Teamwork Englewood in the implementation of the Quality of Life Plan since its development in 2005. "How do we engage as many people as possible and make sure there's a commitment here? [...] These aren't update meetings; these are meetings where you must contribute and work". Morgan spoke about the components of the plan itself – she also shared some the challenges and lessons learned about being part of this implementation process. The Plan h

Spring 2018 — Workshop #2: Community Inclusion

Byron Sigcho, Executive Director at the Pilsen Alliance, joined us and shared his perspective about the importance of community inclusion in the development of communities. Pilsen Alliance was founded over 20 years ago, and started as a resource group for the community addressing the question: “what can we do about displacement?” Sigcho walked us through a brief recent history of Pilsen – comprised of majority Latino population. The expansion of University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in the 1960s spearheaded by Mayor Daley led to the displacement of ~5,000 residents; in the 1970s, the Chicago Central Area Committee proposed replacing the old industrial areas south and east of Pilsen through

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