Spring 2019 – Workshop #6: ADUs Community Feedback & Exchange

As we approach the end of the Spring season of the City Open Workshop, we gathered in the UIC Great Cities Institute on April 24 for a refresher and overview on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). This workshop was led by Steven Vance, Skyler Larrimore and Eli Lechter, who first started out by presenting our primer on ADUs – what they are, their costs and benefits, as well as their regulations in Chicago, compared to other cities in America. Afterwards, the group was split up into breakout groups to discuss four aspects to ADUs, reconvening at the end of the workshop to share the fruits of our discussion: Season Theme: Accessory Dwelling Units – Community Exchange and Feedback Workshop Method: O

Spring 2019 – Workshop #5: Financing Community-Driven Projects

At our last workshop on April 10, City Open convened at the UIC Great Cities Institute to learn about what it takes to source revenue to fund community-driven projects, by looking at real estate development budget and project costs. The workshop was led by Navi Sandhu, Assistant Vice-President of Fifield Companies, where she leads acquisitions, finance and development. Season Theme: Funding Community-Driven Projects Workshop Method: Real Estate Development Budget & Project Costs Navi Sandhu began the workshop by going through the economics of a real estate project, using a case study: an old apartment building in East Garfield Park, with six rental units. Participants were tasked to assume t

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