Fall 2019 – Workshop #4: How to Construct an ADU

The fourth workshop for our fall season was led by Curtis Florence, a Development Manager at Clayco-CRG. It was during this session that we furthered our research around ADU design, construction and urban development. Curtis lead the discussion by asking the group, “If ADUs became legal, what would be the most economical way to build them? Instead of building an entirely new structure, what if the tenant purchased the ADU from a corporate vender?” Exploring the construction market, Curtis proposed examining two precedent assemblies. The first was an expanded prefab container house from Amazon, and the second was a wood storage shed kit from Home Depot. To jumpstart the conversation amongst p

Fall 2019 – Workshop #3: Building Capital + Partnerships for ADUs

Our third workshop of the season was basically a cracked fire hydrant of knowledge thanks to the generous contributions of not one, but two guest speakers. This was compounded by the POV (point of view) factor - both of this week’s speakers presented on strategies to address housing shortages, but from notably contrasting approaches. Season Theme: Accessory Dwelling Units Workshop Focus: Building Capital + Partnerships Elizabeth Timme, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of LA-Más, beamed in via skype to run us through a crash course of her organization’s work on the ADU frontier. LA-Más is an urban design non-profit in Los Angeles that has garnered something like celebrity status at City

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